Bolison aims at the research and development of environmentally friendly new materials in the PVC industry, develops lead-free environmentally friendly stabilizers, and provides the market with PVC processing aids, impact modifiers, foam regulators, modifiers, PE wax, CPE, etc. The product application range includes PVC pipes, PVC pipe fittings, foam boards, wires and cables, foam shoes, foam profiles, plastic steel profiles, etc.

All products can meet the EU ROHS, SGS standard testing and passed IS01 4001: 2015 and IS09001: 2015 certification.

During the production process, Bolison developed a set of sampling inspection system to ensure that each product can be traced and traced.

Bolison Technologie

After-sales commitment

1、After receiving the service request, the after-sales specialist will give the customer a reply according to the situation within 4 hours.
2、A R&D team composed of excellent domestic and foreign engineers.
3、If you need to return it to the factory for replacement, it will be replaced and returned to the customer within 1 week after our company receives the product.

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